Pauxa Films is a company founded in 2005 and based in Ibiza. It is dedicated to all kinds of audiovisual projects, such as sports broadcasts, television coverage, streaming, web projects, corporate videos, advertising, etc.

In 2014, we took a 180º turn to focus on our own production, working with both fiction and documentary, and in recent times we have also worked on entertainment. This ability to produce all kinds of projects enables us to cover the needs of other productions in providing them with technicians, actors, extras, machinery, permits, and anything else that is needed to shoot in Ibiza.

Within the documentary line, we have made several medium and feature films. The latter were all premiered on television with international distribution. We highlight the documentary "La Revolució Turística" and our latest project "Living Without a Country", a film of impeccable quality with strong content. At Pauxa Films we specialize in micro-documentaries, which are 3 to 8 minute documentary pieces on various themes and characters.

In fiction, we have produced several short films: "Vecinas", our first short film with Pep Noguera and Otilia Láiz, and "No Vida" which had an intense diffusion through festivals. Our first fiction feature film, "Los Crímenes del Día de Todos los Santos" by Héctor Escandell, despite its low budget, has distribution in Spain, Latin America and USA.

We are currently in pre-production for two feature films, "Incestum" and "Rondaies Eivissenques, Vol.I". “Incestum” is a project designed for international co-production that, due to the global pandemic, has been temporarily shelved. With "Rondaies Eivissenques Vol.I", we dodged the virus by shooting entirely in Ibiza with all the technical and artistic team from Ibiza. With the film "Rondaies" we will enter fully into the world of fantasy.

In music video production, we can highlight the recording of "Bañador y Chancletas" by Ayax, "La Princesa y el Plebeyo" by Rels, and "Hospital de Vida" with Projecte Mut.

With the project "La Fàbrica de Melodies" we have established ourselves in the world of entertainment with a combined format of musical creation and reality that we hope will transcend the level at which it is now. Over the years we have been building a very cohesive team, and we understand one another. This technical/artistic team continues to grow both in quality and capacity. We have our own infrastructure and equipment adapted to new technologies and have the capacity to undertake any type of audiovisual project.