2019. Dani and Mía are in a difficult moment in their relationship. They arrive in Ibiza  with the intention of acquiring a property in the countryside. The estate is called Can  Xuruiana and its walls have been silent witnesses of macabre events that began in  1948. Unbeknownst to them, the past and the present will merge in a tragic and  irremissible way until they discover the astonishing truth. 


During a visit to the house that her parents intend to rent, Maria establishes contact  with the former owner who died in 1984. It was the writer Joan Castelló. The latter,  surprised by Maria's literary interest, explains to the little girl that years ago he  published several books of rondallas. Joan tells Maria three of these stories: "La  Noche de Todos los Santos", "Las Calaveras de Can Fita" and "El Gigante de Es  Vedrá".


A musical entertainment TV program with a reality show feel in which different  musical bands from the Balearic Islands travel to Ibiza to perform their music in a  studio. At the end of the recording, a jam-session festival is held where all the artists  get to know each other while playing.  Ibiza has been chosen as a meeting point to demonstrate that there is a musical  universe apart from the internationally recognized electronic music industry. And  this moment has been chosen to give visibility to the culture of Ibiza in our public  television.  The selection consists of artists who are highly recognized professionals in the  archipelago but do not have the same support as commercial music.  The format will allow collaborations between them looking to surprise the viewer in  each new chapter.